The work blues, whose to blame?

I was really starting to get frustrated with my current position because I realized the work had become so monotonous. I remember when I was trying to get to where I am now, I truly believed that once I achieved the “big chair”, aka a management position, I would finally feel fulfilled.

Truth is I don’t.

It’s like climbing a mountain and realizing what you thought was the mountain top isn’t. It was actually just the bottom of another mountain and you’re not quite there like you thought you were.

While this can be a bummer. I begin to wonder, exactly who can I blame for my discomfort and lack of feeling motivated or pushed to be something greater?

No one but myself.

While I could complain about the monotony of the job, I could appreciate the fact that I know my job well enough for it to become monotonous. In the downtime I have from completing tasks quickly, I could be working on my own personal developmental goals such as this blog, and even writing a book.

I realized that the discomfort I was feeling was only my spirit reminding me to continue to push forward in all aspects, even when I have to create opportunities to be able to pursue that.

While the job brings the bread home for my children, our home, my vehicles, and other day to day expenses, The extra time provides me room for clarity, pursuing hobbies, and truly digging deep into other aspects of my life.

So many times I’ve wanted a job that allowed me room to grow outside the workforce.  How mind opening it is to realize that although that serenity may not come in the form I had imagined, it came in a form that still opened the avenues for me to be simply me <3.




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