Heels please!

So after seeing the many beautiful women at my work conference wearing their high heels (as I wore my flats) made me realize I wanted to start wearing them again. When I was younger, my mom and aunt both made it a point to tell me that my 5 ft 1 frame would look so … Continue reading Heels please!

Keep your Compliments

Found this from Tatiana Jerome who I follow on facebook. This is so true.   Be careful with other people's compliments. Compliments feel good when directed to you yes, but compliments are really a reflection of how that person feels about a thought they had, an action or something said. If they are feeling good … Continue reading Keep your Compliments

It Hurt but it Healed.

God will not use anyone greatly who hasn't first been wounded deeply!#ItWasNecessary – Jeremy Gibson   When I came across this statement this morning it really touched my heart deeply. If we could take a moment to stop and think about the most painful situations in our lives and what all we birthed from them, … Continue reading It Hurt but it Healed.