I have a Solid Structure

Last night As I was reading the bible I came across the book of Esdras ( located in the Common English Bible), and as the writer’s heart grew troubled over the things being revealed to him mine had become also.

The afterlife is something we all have heard thoughts, studies, and assumptions about yet, in reality, anyone that has ever died has never come back in the flesh to tell us what life was like once they died (not including Jesus).

After reading and praying for mercy for the state of the world and for my own sins I still woke up deeply grieved and with a heavy heart.


Yet as I contemplated what I had read the previous night, I passed a house being built and the Lord begin to speak to me.

home real estate
Photo by Alturas Homes on Pexels.com

When we look at a house, we usually are looking at the finishing touches, trees have been planted, windows have been set in place, and the house is ready to be sold. When we enter the house we will see walls either stark white or painted, flooring, ceilings, and other pieces that make the finished product what we consider a finished house.

tray on coffee table
Photo by Milly Eaton on Pexels.com

What we fail to see, is that behind the finished product. There is a foundation and structure that was set in place to uphold the rest of the house.

Without the foundation, the wooden structure of the house, and the insulation, the house would be useless.  A beautiful display that lacks stability.

architecture building construction daylight
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What God was trying to get me to see was that he knew man would not be perfect. He knew that we lived in a world that would make wrong seem right and right seem wrong.

Yet when he created us, he also knew he would send his loving son to stand in the gap and also leave us behind a helper (the holy spirit) that would lead and guide us every step of the way to the road that leads to salvation, mercy, and eternal rest.

gray bridge and trees
Photo by Martin Damboldt on Pexels.com

God was saying that there was no need to worry. Although I can’t see it, I have a solid structure that will keep me even when I can’t keep myself.

A few days ago a coworker of mine asked the maintenance man why a certain beam couldn’t be removed and he simply replied: ” if we remove it the whole upstairs of the building would fall.”

The same way that beam was upholding the first floor and she had no idea, there are areas in our life that God upholds in the same way even though we can’t see his hand at work.  Though storms, life hardships, and distress will come, as does a house, I will stand and not fall due to the structure he has equipped me with.

man at a construction site
Photo by Scaborafotografia on Pexels.com


Today I encourage you to understand that within you is something that cannot fall. You are never alone and his grace and his love will always be there to hold you up when you feel like everything around you is falling down. ❤

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