What do I journal about?

As stated a postback or Here, I discussed wanting to go over some journaling tips and questions I’ve been asked from beginners.

My next topic is discussing what to journal about. While I choose to journal mostly about day to day experiences, I do have another journal where I discuss scriptures, their importance, and how I can apply them to my everyday life.

To put it simply, there is no right or wrong thing to journal about. It’s simply picking up a pen, putting it to the paper, and allowing whatever you feel needs to come out of you the room to come out.

Here are some tips that may help beginners with figuring out what to journal about:

Start with keeping a bullet journal– Writing down your tasks, day to day activities, goals, and even bill due dates can help someone who is not used to writing get used to the feel of documenting something that is occurring on a day to day basis.

Shop around for journals- sometimes when I have a journaling block, I will shop for new journals to get excited about writing again. The fill of the journal, the type of paper, and sometimes even the smell, can make you just want to write or carry the book around with you wherever you go. It also helps when you find motivational covers that speak to you and can insight thoughts on what the cover means or past events it may remind you of.

Start with writing prompts- I am not a big fan of writing prompts but I think they are great to use in the beginning. They help you think of what to write about and can give your journal some focus if just writing from within still feels a  little uncomfortable or confusing.

Don’t be afraid of what you have to say- Someone very close to me shared the fear of what thoughts would come out and if they were ready to deal with what they had been holding on inside. The fact that their emotions were overflowing in a sense showed the intense need to find an outlet to release that baggage. You owe it to yourself and your health to love and be patient with your thoughts no matter how disturbing they may be.

Write for someone else– my mother is not big on journaling about herself but she loves to share recipes with me and my sister that was passed down to her. I bought her a journal to encourage her to write them down so my sister and I  could pass them down to our children.

I encouraged my sister to write letters to her children. She is not big on showing emotions so having handwritten “love” notes to her kids would be a priceless gift for each of them.

The key is just to WRITE- always remember the may focus should just be to write. Even if you simply talk about an ant climbing up a tree, it’s still YOUR viewpoint, YOUR words, YOUR experience. To me, journaling is all about the simple act of just documenting you. Realizing that no matter how insignificant you think your words are they still hold weight.

You have a story to tell, why don’t you write it down so you can read it ?  

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