The Demons they leave with.

She held her breathe and placed her bare legs in the steaming hot bath water and quickly sat down and laid back before the pain made its grand announcement in her head.

She silently counted to 10 willing herself to hold her breathe and focus on the numbers and silence the intensifying scream uttering in her bones.


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The pain subsided and she exhaled, careful not to move her body. Like everything else in her life, the ease of pain was an illusion, the war in her mind would soon begin.

How could she will herself to stop?

The thrill was too intoxicating, to freeing.

It was exhilarating to wrap herself around countless bodies and release her worries, cares,  on each careless soul as they rolled together entwined from one dimension to the next.

This last one had been the best she had received in a while. So young, so spiritually clean, she had no time wrapping herself in his mental and releasing herself unto him.

She knew once he left her bed he would be changed forever. Never realizing the coming mood swings, irritability, and unhappiness were all presents from his sexual interaction with her.

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They got lost in her curves and she got lost in their minds. Opening her mouth and watching as each thrust took more and more out of her.

They were so lost in her dimensions that they never noticed the scenery change. The room spinning out of view, lifting them up into the abyss.

The changing from physical to spiritual exchange.

It was soul cleaning and gratifying. She owed them nothing and for that, she had no remorse.

Why should she ? wasn’t it her very soul that willed them to her? She had not called or sent for anyone, so what else could be the cause of this except fate?

Sure she could have stopped but why? She was nothing more than a shell anyway why not entwine and live gloriously when she could?

For her it wasn’t even about the sex, it was the intimacy, the release, the euphoric feeling she was addicted to.

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It was soul snatching and intoxicating and it made her feel human, like one of them.

And wouldn’t others agree they needed this too? Why everyone got what they wanted in the end right? They got flesh and she got high off the release of it all.

Each one carrying a different demon off her back, leaving her freer and freer the more they came.

So she laid back in the bath and exhaled these thoughts reminding herself it was truly a fair exchange.

One she would never have to worry about getting the short end of the stick with.

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