A Published Author I am!

lordwherem1 (2)

I can’t find the words to explain how I’m feeling. With my family in my corner pushing me to get the release out, I think I’m still trying to convince myself that this moment is real.I keep waiting for it to disappear.
At 29 years old the Lord made my dream come true. Not one of my small dreams, like my actual BIG dream come true. Some people dream for mansions,cars, and financial things and all I ever wanted do was write a book.
And now, I am a published Author.
I have worked on this book for many years, often stopping, questioning myself, wondering if I truly was called to do this, and God was patient with me every step of the way.
I couldn’t even begin to talk about all the people he sent in my life to plant seeds of encouragement to keep me going.

My book will 15.00 and can be purchased on amazon when its fully released and can also be pre-ordered here!
I wish I could explain the feeling i have but their truly are no words !!!


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