Disconnect and Self Reflect

I have always been a person that felt like social media had little to no impact on me mentally. Being grounded, secure, and sure of myself, I never “felt” like outside forces really changed my stance or mental health in a way I couldn’t know when it was occurring.

However, 2 weeks ago I decided to come off of facebook for a while. I can’t describe “why” other than it was a soul tug that kept urging me to. As I scrolled and looked at different posts I realized that there were so many different ideas, fascination, and “energies”, coming off the posts that when I was reading them, I was planting seeds in my mind that may have not been there had I not aimlessly scrolled and took in everything I saw.

As days went with me off of it, the more I began to notice a spiritual clarity I never realized I had even lost. Words for my next book begin to flow after having writers block for months, and I even felt like I could “hear” more clearly. It’s such a weird experience!

After reflecting on this for a while the Holy Spirit begin to share his wisdom with me.

I remember learning that frogs don’t jump out of hot water because as the temp increases so does their tolerance level until its to late. I even take baths and sit in the tub first so as the water heats up, I can adjust and make it even hotter for a more relaxing experience.

The same way those events take place, the same thing was happening with me on social media.

I had grown with the environment never realizing it was “heating” up. What I felt was harmless was really blocking my spiritual gates and causing me to slowly experience lack in areas in such a subtle way I never noticed.

When I chose to disconnect from the stream, the well begin to nourish me once again and show me things that I had missed and how I had become so easily trapped.

I don’t know what’s going on with the news, certain family members, friends, or even in my neighborhood and in a sense it’s a great thing.

Understanding the spiritual season we are in, choosing not to worry about people or things out of my control is the best course of action for now.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes social media can have you carrying people you aren’t obligated to carry.

People who truly need you will reach out, those who don’t won’t. And it’s not to say you don’t care about those who don’t, it simply means you stop carrying everyone.

So I end with this: Take time to step back, reflect, and re-evaluate. You just never know what may come out when you get out of your routine and choose to change the course.

6 thoughts on “Disconnect and Self Reflect

  1. I totally understand this sentiment. I wrote something called 3 Reasons I Left Facebook, and one of the reasons is because I do not think we are meant to be as involved in one another’s lives as we are (and as FB) helps us to be.


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