Disconnect and Self Reflect

I have always been a person that felt like social media had little to no impact on me mentally. Being grounded, secure, and sure of myself, I never "felt" like outside forces really changed my stance or mental health in a way I couldn't know when it was occurring. However, 2 weeks ago I decided … Continue reading Disconnect and Self Reflect

Easter Revelations

I'm a day late but oh the wonderful time I've spent reflecting. Thinking back on all the Easters I spent learning about Christ's great sacrifice, getting dressed in my Easter finest, looking for eggs from the Easter Bunny, and then enjoying my mothers wonderful Easter supper. The routine and tradition of it all was what … Continue reading Easter Revelations

Your so loud and yet, I’m not listening

This week I got off Facebook and Instagram. And let me tell you, it has not been a pretty sight to see how addicted I've become. I find myself randomly typing it my search bar, wondering what I'm missing, and even opened the page without even thinking about what I was doing ! It's like … Continue reading Your so loud and yet, I’m not listening