Where is God?

The Church is so torn into the fight of politics. More than I've ever seen in my lifetime. Depending on what Shepherd you have, they will say one thing while another will say something totally different. I often wonder. What is God TRULY speaking during this time? Those who are right say he is right … Continue reading Where is God?

Keep your Compliments

Found this from Tatiana Jerome who I follow on facebook. This is so true.   Be careful with other people's compliments. Compliments feel good when directed to you yes, but compliments are really a reflection of how that person feels about a thought they had, an action or something said. If they are feeling good … Continue reading Keep your Compliments

It Hurt but it Healed.

God will not use anyone greatly who hasn't first been wounded deeply!#ItWasNecessary – Jeremy Gibson   When I came across this statement this morning it really touched my heart deeply. If we could take a moment to stop and think about the most painful situations in our lives and what all we birthed from them, … Continue reading It Hurt but it Healed.